Means To An End by Skybaus is the latest deathcore sensation you can’t miss! Immerse yourself in the incredible sound and visuals in this Official Music Video. Released in 2023, this song highlights the band’s distinct style and musical passion.

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🎤 Lyrics:
“Oh, my god
How did I get here
With every step I take it feels like something′s pulling
Pulling me into a darkness unseen
Splintering even the hardest parts of me

With every breath I take it feels like I am fading
Into the abyss
After every road and rabbit hole I’ve been down
Don′t you fucking leave me alone


I’ll find my way, eventually

Lost and naive, brainwashed and fucked up
By the hands of a false prophet

Questioning everything

Tracing every step, I keep descending into the abyss

A Means To An End

It’s in the depths that I have found
The strength to not be bound, blegh
This is my means to an end
It′s in the depths that I have found
The strength to not be fucking bound”

Music/Lyrics written by: Brandon Arlyn Cox, Michael Cody Hammer, Richard Alan Schmidt, Justin Aaron Stryker
Audio Produced/Mixed/Mastered by: Nick Forkel – IG: @nickforkel
Video shot and edited by: POLORIZEDMYFILMS – IG: @polorizedmyfilms
Live footage recorded at Growl Records in Arlington, TX – 03/31/23 and
Haltom Theatre in Haltom City, TX – 04/20/23

Guest vocals by: Kase Wisdom of Ultimatum

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