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Scoundrel "Skinwalker" Metalcore Single


Scoundrel – Skinwalker (2023 Single) [Review]

The Thrash, Punk, and Core Fusion You Didn’t Know You Needed Hey there, hardcore fanatics! Ever craved a track that blends thrash, punk, and all the "core" goodness seamlessly? Well, Scoundrel just delivered with "Skinwalker". Released on October 6th, 2023, this track is a fresh breath of air straight outta Fresno, California. Let's dive right in. From Tremolo to Mosh Pit First off, "Skinwalker" greets you with an unsettling tremolo. […]

todayOctober 12, 2023 50 3

Dream of Scipio Band Promo


Dream of Scipio – Deformation Proclamation (2022 Single) [Review]

Craving Classic Technical Deathcore? Your Wait Ends Here. Almost a year has elapsed since Dream of Scipio blessed the classic technical deathcore scene with "Deformation Proclamation" on October 28th, 2022. This track is back to their roots, as a result gives a touching salute to their legacy. Hence, it's time to dive into this majestic piece. Premiered Where Legends Play Firstly the song made its grand debut on Beheading […]

todayOctober 8, 2023 133

Mana Tomb


Mana Tomb – Wolfsbane (2023 Single) [Review]

Precision Craftsmanship Meets Chaotic Beauty: A Review of Mana Tomb's Wolfsbane Immerse yourself in a landscape meticulously crafted by an artisan, as intricate as a watchmaker delicately placing every minute wheel and infinitesimal cog with the utmost precision. Visualize the startling transformation as the same creator takes a sledgehammer to his masterpiece, shattering it into myriad fragments and igniting them with a blowtorch. This atmosphere envelops you right from the […]

todayJune 26, 2023 1452 8

Glasswaves Promo Pic


Glasswaves – Dead Dreams (2023 Single) [Review]

Unleashing Nightmares: Dissecting Glasswaves' Debut Single "Dead Dreams" Ever found yourself trapped in the abyss of insomnia, praying for the sweet release of dreams, yet fearing the spectral phantoms of your past will morph them into a torturous reality? That's the raw sentiment encapsulated in the debut single "Dead Dreams" by Rochester, New York's own, Glasswaves. Behind the Nightmares: Production and Release With the grand unveiling on June 9th, bolstered […]

todayJune 25, 2023 205 20

Gnawing Hunger promo picture


Gnawing Hunger – In Ruin (2023 Single) [Review]

Dive into the unexpected yet captivating sonic journey presented by the rising UK metal act, Gnawing Hunger. Their tracks teach us a valuable lesson: never judge a song by its intro. Gnawing Hunger's Origins and Growth Emerging from Birmingham, the pulsating heart of the UK's metal scene, Gnawing Hunger is steadily carving out a distinctive sound that has won over a diverse audience of metal enthusiasts. Having made their debut […]

todayJune 24, 2023 1351 7

It's Always Sunny In Tijuana


IASIT – Lakewood is Burning (2023 Single) [Review]

It's Always Sunny In Tijuana: There is one word to describe this release: DEATHCORE Listening to this song brought me back to my early days when I first entered the genre. It has the basic aspects one would expect. In addition it fits into the mold while staying fun. What do you know about It's Always Sunny In Tijuana? Care to see this Denver, Colorado-based 5-piece deathcore band? This one showcases […]

todayJune 24, 2023 105 2


Deadwood – God Eater [SINGLE REVIEW]

[Deadwood] hailing from Montreal, Quebec Canada has come out with a new heavy-hitting song that is guaranteed to melt your face off. "God Eater" is the second track off the EP, [InHuman], and it is a doozy. This quartet brings the heat and smacks you over the head with the heavy. "God Eater" is a return to form for Deathcore, reminds me of when I first got into the genre […]

todayJune 7, 2023 75 11


Unwanted Subject – Sons of Savages

Unwanted Subject from Auckland, New Zealand charges the gate with brutal efficiency with their new single, "Sons Of Savages." A violent cacophony of blitzing guitars, hard-hitting drums, and harsh vocals come together to create a blend of metal that anyone can enjoy. "Sons Of Savages" gets you in a groove that transports you in time, you really feel like you are at the gate fighting your enemies as the savage […]

todayJune 3, 2023 59 10


Flowers Of Hades – Onslaught

Flowers Of Hades hit the scene with their new single "Onslaught" and the name is very apt with the sonic devastation that they release with this track. Coming hot off the tail of their previous release "Trigger Warning," "Onslaught" takes your ears for a ride. These five rockin' dudes come from Wellington, New Zealand, and put NZ's scene on the map for me. "Onslaught" is an assault on the senses […]

todayApril 23, 2023 59 34

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