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Matriarchs Sorry About That Metalcore Single Artwork


Matriarchs – Sorry About That (2023 Single) [Review]

When Metalcore Fusion Meets Pure Genius Metalcore. Deathcore. Beatdown. Nu-metal. These aren’t just musical genres—they're a passionate calling. And when Matriarchs blends them with finesse, you just have to stand up and take notice. So, let's dive into the compelling world of "Sorry About That". Breaking Boundaries: The Song’s Evolution First off, let's think about a world where bands blur genre lines. In this world, Matriarchs thrives. Right from the […]

todayOctober 13, 2023 48

Scoundrel "Skinwalker" Metalcore Single


Scoundrel – Skinwalker (2023 Single) [Review]

The Thrash, Punk, and Core Fusion You Didn’t Know You Needed Hey there, hardcore fanatics! Ever craved a track that blends thrash, punk, and all the "core" goodness seamlessly? Well, Scoundrel just delivered with "Skinwalker". Released on October 6th, 2023, this track is a fresh breath of air straight outta Fresno, California. Let's dive right in. From Tremolo to Mosh Pit First off, "Skinwalker" greets you with an unsettling tremolo. […]

todayOctober 12, 2023 50 3

Content management guide for deathcore musicians


Unlocking Music Creation, Content Marketing, and Audience Engagement

Your Ultimate Guide to Thriving as a Metalcore and Deathcore Band in the Modern Era Hello, future rockstars! So, you're part of a metalcore or deathcore band and you're eager to make your mark. Good news - you're in the right place. This comprehensive guide offers a sneak peek into a series of posts where you’ll dive deep into the nexus of music creation, content marketing, and audience engagement. Crafting […]

todayOctober 10, 2023 961 2

Glasswaves Promo Pic


Glasswaves – Dead Dreams (2023 Single) [Review]

Unleashing Nightmares: Dissecting Glasswaves' Debut Single "Dead Dreams" Ever found yourself trapped in the abyss of insomnia, praying for the sweet release of dreams, yet fearing the spectral phantoms of your past will morph them into a torturous reality? That's the raw sentiment encapsulated in the debut single "Dead Dreams" by Rochester, New York's own, Glasswaves. Behind the Nightmares: Production and Release With the grand unveiling on June 9th, bolstered […]

todayJune 25, 2023 205 20


Hatebreed Announce New Tour

Hatebreed, with their extensive discography spanning eight albums, have become an influential force in the music scene for over two decades. Their aggressive anthems have stirred mosh pits and garnered a dedicated fan base worldwide, leading to consistently sold-out shows. The band's journey has taken them from humble beginnings in basements and backyards to becoming a sought-after attraction at renowned festivals such as; OzzFest, Warped Tour, and Download. Hatebreed has […]

todayJune 14, 2023 95 26


Unwanted Subject – Sons of Savages

Unwanted Subject from Auckland, New Zealand charges the gate with brutal efficiency with their new single, "Sons Of Savages." A violent cacophony of blitzing guitars, hard-hitting drums, and harsh vocals come together to create a blend of metal that anyone can enjoy. "Sons Of Savages" gets you in a groove that transports you in time, you really feel like you are at the gate fighting your enemies as the savage […]

todayJune 3, 2023 59 10

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