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Total Deathcore – September 2023 Compilation (VINYL)

All of the most brutal tracks we featured for the month of September.1. Astral Black - The Echoes of Babylon2. Beheading the Icon - Las Moscas3. BRACES - Godless4. DEADWOOD - Straightblade5. Decreate - Elbow Society6. Fault Finder - These Wretched Thoughts7. Kuwabara - The Sorrow8. Sausage Wallet - Penis Flytrap9. No Hope X Mankind - Gunn A ClouFor fans of deathcore, metalcore, hardcore and death metal.Please allow 2-4 weeks […]

todayNovember 15, 2023 8

The Triceratops Experiment – Dasein (VINYL)

Embrace the intensity and aggression of deathcore with the highly anticipated, limited edition "Dasein" EP by The Triceratops Experiment. With only 25 copies in existence, this exclusive release, available solely through Total Deathcore, is a collector's gem and a true testament to the underground spirit. Genre: Deathcore Band: The Triceratops Experiment EP Title: Dasein Availability: Exclusively at Total Deathcore Release Type: Limited Edition VINYL - Only 25 copies available Condition: […]

todayNovember 1, 2023 16

Demsfightinwords – Gulag Promo (VINYL)

Demsfightinwords "Gulag Promo" Limited Edition Vinyl – Secure One of Only 25 Copies! 🔊 Discover the Raw Fusion of Hoodcore, Hip-Hop & Deathcore with Demsfightinwords' 'Gulag Promo' on Exclusive Vinyl! Dive into the aggressive synergy of hoodcore beatdown hardcore, hip-hop, and deathcore with Demsfightinwords and their groundbreaking EP 'Gulag Promo', exclusively available on vinyl from #TotalDeathcore! With only 25 copies available, this is a unique opportunity to own a piece […]

todaySeptember 24, 2023 28

Iron Rule – Soul Death (VINYL)

Iron Rule "Soul Death" Limited Edition Vinyl – Only 25 Copies Up for Grabs! 🔊 Experience the Brutal Harmony of Iron Rule's 'Soul Death' EP on Pristine Vinyl! For fans of relentless and crushing soundscapes, presenting Iron Rule's masterpiece 'Soul Death', a #CaliforniaBeatdownDeathcore sensation, now on #vinyl exclusively from #TotalDeathcore! This is a #RareCollector’s item, with just 25 vinyls available, representing the merciless sonic energy that is Iron Rule! 🔥 […]

todaySeptember 24, 2023 9

DeathSpeaker – DeathSpeaker (VINYL)

Calling all Deathcore enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in the guttural screams and churning guitar riffs of DeathSpeaker's Self Titled album, now available in an ultra-limited vinyl edition, released exclusively by Total Deathcore. With only 25 copies in existence, you're not just buying a record; you're claiming a piece of Deathcore history! 🔥 Why You Need This Limited-Edition Vinyl: 🎵 Exclusive Content: Revel in the raw power and emotional intensity that only […]

todaySeptember 21, 2023 5

Total Deathcore – August 2023 Compilation (VINYL)

Welcome, dedicated fans of extreme metal and deathcore, to an unparalleled sonic voyage. This Total Deathcore August Compilation isn't just any release—it's a vinyl exclusive, limited to just 25 copies worldwide. If you're holding this, you're one of a privileged few. Tracklist: Parseltongue - "Brood Mother" DEAD RECKONING - "Gallows" Chunked - "Inhaling the Infestation" Fractal Eater - "Solipsists" DeathSpeaker - "Amount to Nothing (feat. Zach Campbell)" Blood Throne - […]

todaySeptember 5, 2023 14


Unleash the darkness within you with Belvebuth's latest vinyl release, "ESSENCE OF EVIL." This blackened deathcore masterpiece is a sonic journey through the seven deadly sins, each track a brutal testament to human vice. 🔥 Features: Seven Sinful Tracks: From the guttural roars of "GLUTTONY" to the bone-crushing breakdowns in "LUST," each track is a visceral experience. High-Quality Vinyl: Pressed on premium, heavyweight vinyl for the ultimate auditory experience. Exclusive […]

todayAugust 25, 2023 10

Total Deathcore July 2023 Compilation (VINYL)

July 2023 Total Deathcore Compilation Vinyl", a must-have for any serious fan of the deathcore genre. This compilation brings together ten of the most brutal and influential bands on the scene today, all collected in one stunning audio package. Track 1, "Duress" by Beyond The Pines, starts the setlist off strong with a powerful sonic assault. Its crushing riffs and punishing breakdowns will leave you breathless. Rottenectomy follows this up […]

todayJuly 9, 2023 47

So Long, Shoreline – Hackin’ Darts // Breakin’ Hearts (VINYL)

Immerse yourself in the innovative sounds of So Long, Shoreline's "Hackin' Darts // Breakin' Hearts". This unreleased album, now released by Total Deathcore, is available in a limited edition vinyl format. With only 25 copies available, this is a must-have for any experimental metalcore enthusiast. Feel the intensity of the band's unique blend of electronic and metal genres.These will ship to order! Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.For fans of […]

todayMay 19, 2023 26

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